How Can I Fix - Dual Ethernet Connectivity ISSUE.?

Dual Ethernet Connectivity ISSUE.

I have a Asus P8Z77-v Deluxe motherboard with dual NIC cards.
(1 Intel gigbyte and 1 Marvel)  One NIC goes to the internet router DHCP.
The other is set up statically and goes to another router through the DMZ port so I can map a network drive
on another system for updating prices for a POS system.  I cannot keep both connections active.  When I try map the network drive with the Internet NIC enabled It will not map network drive.  I cannot use wireless adapters either.  If I disconnect from the
internet either wired or wirelessly it immediately picks up the network drive.
I can map the network drive then sometimes get the wireless adapter to work but it invariably after some period of time disconnects the network drive and then it cannot be found
unless I disconnect from the wireless.
I had to set up the Internet NIC DHCP because I get a disjointed network error since they are on differ gateways.  So I set up a static DHCP on the router.

Anwsers to the Problem Dual Ethernet Connectivity ISSUE.

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Windows Error Reporting - To Fix Dual Ethernet Connectivity ISSUE.

  1. Go to Start button.
  2. Open Control Panel.
  3. Go to Windows Error Reporting.
  4. Click on System and Maintenance, then click Problem Reports and Solutions.
  5. Next, click Change Settings located on the left side panel of the Problem Reports and Solutions window.
  6. Select an option to configure how you want Windows to look for a solution to your problems. You may allow Windows to do it automatically or ask you every time to check if problem occurs.
  7. Next, click the Advanced settings link.
  8. Select Off to turn off Error Reporting.

Another Safe way to Fix the Problem: Dual Ethernet Connectivity ISSUE.:

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2. After the scan is done, you can see the errors and problems need to be repaired. Click Fix All.

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